Kalamazoo's Water
Supply System


Kalamazoo's Public Water Supply System

The City of Kalamazoo Public Water Supply System is the second largest groundwater-based drinking water system in Michigan and is ranked one of the lowest for water rates out of the twelve largest systems within the state.

Only 3% of the Earth's water is freshwater. Approximately 30% of freshwater is groundwater.

The City of Kalamazoo has a Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) approved Wellhead Protection Program, and has been awarded the national Exemplary Source Water Protection Award by the American Water Works Association. The City has also been a recipient of the Michigan Wellhead Protection Program Award multiple times and been awarded the Michigan “Richard Husby Public Awareness Award” for its Wellhead Protection Program education efforts. Kalamazoo has also been designated a Groundwater Guardian Community by the Groundwater Foundation every year since 1998.

Kalamazoo's water system provides 19 million gallons of water on an average day to 123,000 customers within 10 jurisdictions. The system includes approximately 823 miles of watermain and 5,970 hydrants. Our system utilizes limited treatment through chlorine, fluoride, and phosphate additives. Two stations are equipped with air strippers and iron removal capabilities.


City Manager Jim Ritsema and Public Services Director James Baker at the site of a water infrastructure repair, Spring 2017

  • 17 active wellfields

  • 16 pumping stations

  • 98 wells

  • 19 million gallons per day produced on average

  • 37 million gallons per day maximum in 2017

  • 8 water storage facilities

  • Approximately 123,000 customers

  • Service in 10 jurisdictions

  • ~823 miles of Water Main

  • 5,970 hydrants

  • 8 pressure service districts